Key Specification of the AirFloor® System Include:

by BuildWorks

MOR is an Authorized Sales Representative of the patented AirFloor® system by Buildworks.  The AirFloor® system offers compost facilities a practical and cost effective method to uniformly deliver air to compost, facilitate leachate collection, and provides a compost floor pad on with the heaviest loaders can operate.

Engineered for optimal performance and practical efficiency, the AirFloor® system is ideally suited to composting Green Waste, Biosolids (sludge), Food Waste, and other Source-Separated Organics (SSO).

The AirFloor® has been installed in multiple facilities world wide with proven performance and unmatched simplicity of installation for a broad range of applications. 

MOR can provide full design, engineering, construction management, and commissioning for the AirFloor® system.  Aeration rates are designed to meet facility requirements and material aeration demands.  Every AirFloor® installation is tested to insure uniform air distribution is achieved and leachate captured is diverted for collection, treatment, or reintroduced to the material to insure proper moisture within the composting environment.

AirFloor® system applications include Composting, Bio-Drying, Curing, and Bio-Filtration, and can be designed to accommodate Aerated Static Pile, In-Vessel, and Bunker systems

  • The only patented system that combines in-floor aeration and drainage technology with full equipment access to the compost floor pad.
  • Suitable for both in-vessel and windrow systems, in small as well as advanced waste processing and commercial composting facilities.
  • Meets regulatory requirements for composting aeration, and for an impervious surface that minimizes the risk of soil contamination and site runoff.
  • Achieves uniform air distribution in every composting cycle, year after year.
  • Optimize your compost system and achieve better control of your nutrient-air-water ratios

The AirFloor® is one component of the Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) composting system by MOR.  Aeration Blowers are designed and custom built to feed the proper rate and duration of air (oxygen) to the AirFloor® system in coordination with MOR's Aeration Management System (AMS)

​For more information on the AirFloor® system and corresponding aeration equipment please contact a MOR Representative