MOR provides clients with several options of aeration equipment required
for Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Composting Systems and In-vessel Aerated
Static Pile (IASP) composting. Both in-ground and above ground designs
give composters flexible options when designing an Aerated Composting

Aeration systems and equipment are designed to customer specifications
and composting requirements.

MOR offers the most efficient “in-pad” aeration plenum in the industry
with the unique AirFloor® by BuildWorks system , resulting in less than
10 percent variation in orifice air-flow rate beginning to end (field tested by
smoke injection into the air plenums at project commissioning).

MOR Cover Placement Machine (CPM) allows composting facilities that
utilize In-vessel Aerated Static Pile compost covers and other compost
cover systems to increase efficiencies while extending the life of their
compost covers. The Cover Placement Machine reduces pile setup time,
increases efficiency by requiring only one operator, and extends cover life
by eliminating drag in cover placement and removal.





System Components 

MOR, Inc. offers a range of products for Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP)
Composting Systems utilizing an ePTFE micropore cover. Components
may be purchased in a complete system package or individually depending
on each client and project’s specific needs.

AirFloor® Aeration System 

MOR is an authorized dealer for several equipment manufacturing
companies specializing in the composting and waste management
industries. From monitoring equipment to composting operations
equipment MOR, Inc has the equipment you need.

We wish to acknowledge our partners BuildWorks (AirFloor® aeration
and leachate collection technology), ReoTemp (RF temperature probes,
Cincinnati Fan (blowers), Hegerhorst Power Engineering (AMS design),
and Monolithic (Anaerobic Digestion Systems)

MOR specializes in the Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting technology, using expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene
(ePTFE) Micro-pore Covers for process enhancement and emissions control – both for odor and volatile organic
compound (VOCs) emissions.

MOR has tested its Micro-pore Cover technology on a wide variety of organic feedstock materials, such as green
waste, food waste, mixed waste (SSOW), animal wastes and biosolids (wastewater treatment organics), as well
as various combinations of these organic materials. Our typical recipe design mix has 60% H2O, 40% porosity
and a C:N ratio between 30 and 40. Processing involves active composting for 18 to 21 days at temperatures
between 150 and 160 degrees F; however, pathogen destruction required pursuant to US EPA Rule 503 Processes to
Further Reduce Pathogens (PFRP) is usually achieved in less than ten days with most feedstock materials. Active
composting is followed by a stabilization/curing phase of two to four weeks at 120 to 140 degrees F . The process may be covered, or not covered—depending on odor/VOC emission rates—to achieve a stable finished compost soil amendment product (Solvita 7 or greater).

Managed Organic Recycling, Inc. can supply a complete compost facility design (given client feedstock volumes and characteristics) and equipment packages. MOR can also supply individual components on an as needed

Our ePTFE Micropore Compost covers with enhanced UV protection; (MOR covers do not significantly fade from their original black color); tensile strength is retained longer than other covers, and come with a five year limited warranty.

Compost Cover Placement Machine (CPM)

Composting Facility Equipment

ePTFE Mircopore Membrane Compost Covers

​Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) Composting System