For small scale facilities with smaller compost pile footprints the Mini-CPM (CPM3013) tow-behind cover placement machine is designed to accommodate MOR Compost Covers up to approx. 29'-9" X 100'.  If features hydraulically controlled cylinders that lift the drum to the desired pile height, and retracts the cover at a variable speed with a wired remote control.

Please Contact a MOR Representative for more information, pricing and customization of the MOR CPM and MOR Mini-CPM.





Managed Organic Recycling Cover Placement Machines

MOR offer a Cover Placement Machine (CPM) for handling and placing large (12.5m X 55m ; 40.5' X 178.5') Compost Covers at composting facilities.  The CPM is completely mobile, and is powered by a gas engine, hydraulic pump and motors.  The CPM allows any composting facility that employs Compost Covers, and other material processing facilities that require tarps, to move them efficiently while at the same time extending the life of the covers by eliminating drag in cover placement and removal

Hydraulic motors and rams are powered by a hydraulic oil pump drive by several gas engine options (Please contact MOR Representative for Engine Options and Engine Tier Ratings).  The engine has an automatic start feature with battery disconnect switch so the battery will not drain when the CPM is not in service.  CPMs are typically designed for hard surface operation, but flotation tires can be supplied for compost operations on dirt surfaces.

The CPMs are controlled by "joy-stick" for ease of operator handling while attending to the placement/removal of the cover from the compost pile.  The operator has full field visibility from the control bridge (typically 14') above the pile base for precise operation and deployment of the compost cover.

CPMs can be designed by MOR to meet client specific requirements for cover width, length and weight.  The CPM has unlimited directional capability (foward/reverse, sideways and diagonally at any angle) and can even rotate 360 degrees on one tire.  The cover roll-up  tube (extra thick 10-inch diameter tube to eliminate deflection) is operated by two hydraulic rams (for lift)  and a hydraulic motor for roll-on/roll-off of the Compost Cover.  The CPM is designed to have a structural factor of safety of 2 for lifting a totally wet or saturated cover.